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  1. How do I get my dog to cooperate when brushing her teeth?

    You just need to take it slow and use positive reinforcement. Introduce the toothbrush (let him see it, sniff it), then reward. Do this several times until she associates the toot1

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  2. My cat started peeing in the sink, why?

    My first cat when he couldn't get out would do it in my tub, I didn't tell him off because it's better than waking up and seeing his on the floor and I noticed itƇ

    3 Answers
  3. When can you touch a kitten after its birth?

    It is advisable to get kittens used to human contact as soon as possible, especially since the kitten will have to be weighed regularly in order to control its development. There1

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  4. Is it ok that I don’t want to let my cat go outside?

    Like Lola said, as long as you keep your pets busy, there’s no reason why your cat can’t be happy inside. Though some breeds are happier indoors than others (I’m1

    5 Answers
  5. Do mini Labradors exist?

    Yes they do exist! Mini Labradors are in fact...Labrador puppies!! But they grow up! Wanting a mini means you don’t love the breed. You only love it if it’s a certain1

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  6. Dog with arthritis

    Hello Suziehill,  I totally understand your concer, one of my dogs (who sadly passed away) had arthritis and it was so sad to see him struggle to even walk. It's really1

    2 Answers
  7. Dog nipping

    I agree with all the comments above, but coming from an animal rescue background, I can tell you that nipping from a large dog can go a lot farther than a lot of owners think. If1

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  8. Neighbours feeding my dog

    I would just come clean with them and be as honest as possible. You don’t have to be confrontational, but just explain to them that you’ve been noticing some changes i1

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  9. Out of curiosity: What's your favourite dog breed?

    My favourite dog breed is the German Shepherd

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