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  1. Old dog loves to run

    Keep the walks and play times short if you are worried about this. But make sure you allow your dog another Outlook for energy expenditure such a enrichment toys in the house (lot1

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  2. Dog ate chocolate

    Make sure you get it checked by the vet. Although there may not be any reaction from the dog it can lead to long-term problems in the future. My Aunts dog use to eat anything and1

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  3. How to get my cat to stop licking her wound

    It may sounds a little silly and you may have tried it but a smaller cone may have to be the answer. 

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  4. What is a suitable amount I can feed my cat treats?

    There is no right or wrong answer here, but make sure you are not over feeding. If you are giving more treats take it out of their food allowance for the day.  You can also1

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  5. Why do cats always cross the road at the last minute?

    Cats love to explore their environment, it may be that they realise at the last minute that there is danger. It would be interesting if there was a scientific reason. 

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  6. How to tell if a cat is sick

    Cats do slow down as they get older so don't worry too much.  Keep an eye on them though for a change in behaviour maybe a spike in energy as this can indicate pain.&nbs1

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  7. What will happen to my pet after I pass away?

    It may be useful to look into rescue centre schemes that may have a policy where they will welcome the dog in to care for them and find them a home. I know in the UK The Dogs Trus1

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  8. How many cats are in this painting?

    45 I know I'm late to the party but wanted to guess anyway, good luck to the other two players 

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  9. Does my dog like to be stroked and kissed?

    Make sure you read your dogs body language, so the interaction is positive. If they want to move away let them, try not to force affection on to them. They will come to you. 

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  10. Can a dog and cat be friends?

    Dogs and cats can live in harmony but introductions should be gradual. Also allow the cat to have places to go that are up high to allow for space between them. Research the breed1

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