How to get my cat to stop licking her wound


Hi! My cat Moni got attacked by a neighbourhood cat a few days ago and she got a really nasty gash on her belly. I took her to the vets who stitched her up and gave her some meds. She told me Moni should stay as still as possible and not lick the wound while it's healing. But she's licking herself all the time! I tried putting a cone on her but she keeps taking it off! Any suggestions? Thank you!

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It may sounds a little silly and you may have tried it but a smaller cone may have to be the answer. 

Hi Brooke,

                 This is a very common reaction with cats and I would advise to not use a collar/ come but get a baby onesie or a special cat onesie sold at most pet stores! I have used and recommended them to friends before as they are ninjas at getting the cone off!  If you're creative you could make one out of an old T shirt aswell!


if it's not an option financially then if you cat has a collar or a harness you could use a bit of fabric to tie the loops of the cone to the harness / collar for a few days so she won't be able to pull it off. 

All the best and a speedy recovery for Mini!

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