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  1. Introducing a dog to my cat

    If your cat doesn't get along with other animals then it could be a difficult process. But if you want to set yourself up for success I'd recommend at least choosing a bre1

    7 Answers
  2. My cat just pulled out a claw!

    This has happened to me before. It will definitely be easier to treat if you have a second person to help you out (my cat was not having any of it!!) Hold your cat’s leg und1

    1 Answers
  3. Cat wanting to go outside/inside

    You could try getting a cat flap?

    3 Answers
  4. Is it ok that I don’t want to let my cat go outside?

    Just make sure your cat has lots of places to hide, climb, scratch, and spend extra time playing with them and creating games or puzzles for them. I used to be really nervous abou1

    5 Answers