Neighbours feeding my dog

This might be a strange question, but I let the kids in my neighbourhood “borrow” my dog sometimes so they can play with him. But I think they feed him unhealthy treats because he’s been getting a little round and his poop has been a bit funny lately too. Any advice on how I can speak about this politely with the neighbours? Thanks in advance!

3 Answers

I would just come clean with them and be as honest as possible. You don’t have to be confrontational, but just explain to them that you’ve been noticing some changes in your dog and you’re just worried about his health. It’s already so nice of you to let the neighbours play with your dog, I’m sure your neighbours will understand!


This really depends on what your neighbours are like, but I would approach the parents rather than the kids - better that they hear it from you than from them. It is a delicate situation, but like James said, he is your dog after all, and his welfare comes first! Good luck!


Why don’t you give them some dog treats that they CAN use instead? And ask them to only use those. Maybe if you approach it like that, it’ll be less awkward?

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