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  1. Choosing a breed

    Hello, these breeds you are interested in are very good breeds for an active person. All these breeds are very energetic and love sports, they'll love going running with you,1

    1 Answers
  2. How old is my dog in human age?

    Hey! I've heard that for a puppy, the growth of the adult teeth after losing the puppy teeth can give you an indication of their "real age". Then, for a dog over 1 y1

    2 Answers
  3. Neighbours feeding my dog

    This really depends on what your neighbours are like, but I would approach the parents rather than the kids - better that they hear it from you than from them. It is a delicate si1

    3 Answers
  4. What’s the first thing you guys will be doing with your pets once lockdown finally ends??

    Maybe reward ourselves for getting through this exceptionally hard year with a nice meal out? If the weather permits!!

    6 Answers
  5. Introducing a dog to my cat

    So what I did for the first few days is alternate between giving my dog free access to the house and giving my cat free access to the house. When my dog was exploring the house, t1

    7 Answers
  6. Rescuing an animal

    The best advice I can give you is don’t give up!! Rescues are just trying to find the best possible match for their animals, and they may not have the perfect pet for you ri1

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  7. What type of water for a dog?

    I filter the water from the sink first before giving it to the dog!

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  8. Allergy to Grass and Weed pollen

    My dog had a pretty bad skin infection once and I was told to grind oatmeal into powder and then mix it in with his bathwater. It actually worked like a charm! But maybe if the in1

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