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  • Sacha
  1. How can I get my lazy indoor cat to exercise?

    Welcome to the club, I also have a lazy cat at home who seems to be enjoying the bed's company more than my own haha  I bought loads of new toys for my cat Sacha and his1

    2 Answers
  2. Introducing a dog to my cat

    For the very first introduction, make sure the dog is in a crate or at the end of a lead so you can restrain them in case they get too agitated. If they do get agitated though, se1

    7 Answers
  3. Cats in Heat

    A lot of attitude!

    3 Answers
  4. We want to know more about you! Are you a cat person or a dog person?

    🎵🎵 Who run the world... CATS Who run the world... CATS 🎵🎵

    10 Answers
  5. What can you wash your cat with if you don't have a "special cat" shampoo?

    I don't totally agree with these answers... Yes it is a story of pH, but did you know that a mild soap or shower gel designed for babies, children and people with allergies, w1

    6 Answers
  6. Neighbours feeding my dog

    Why don’t you give them some dog treats that they CAN use instead? And ask them to only use those. Maybe if you approach it like that, it’ll be less awkward?

    3 Answers
  7. Cat having accidents at home

    Hello. I recommend having an extra litter box per cat in your home. So if you only have one, you should buy a second one. What type of litter do you have? Is your cat’s box1

    2 Answers
  8. Just wondering: What's your favourite cat breed?

    My favourite cat breed would have to be the British Shorthair

    3 Answers
  9. My cat eats flies, is it dangerous?

    Great, thank you for your answers!

    5 Answers
  10. Cat wanting to go outside/inside

    I'd agree with Brooke, you should get a cat flap. The only other option is to ignore your cat when they ask you to go outside/back inside. But that could take a while and be f1

    3 Answers