Is it safe for my cat to wear a collar?


Hi! Several people have warned me against leaving my cat's collar on when she goes outside. But I'm just so nervous about losing her or people trying to take her into their homes - at least with the collar I know she'll be returned to me no matter what. Is it actually dangerous for me to leave a collar on her? What can I do as an alternative? Thanks!

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Yes, collars can be dangerous because your cat could get caught on things and get strangled or stuck for days...not good! But I'm pretty sure you can get cat collars that automatically unclasp when there's unusual pressure pulling on the collar. I think it should be pretty easy to find online. Hope this helps :)


It is a good idea for a collar with a tag or some way or identification that it has a microchip. I personally don't let my cat outdoors but she has a harness that she hates, honestly can't even put it on her right.

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