Take this fun dog personality test 🐶


  • Bella
  1. We want to know more about you! Are you a cat person or a dog person?

    I'm definitely more a cat person 😻

    10 Answers
  2. Will my cat forget about me when I leave the house?

    Thank you very much for your reply and for your time !! I will follow your advice to the letter, of course, and that reassures me a little. Have a a great day and thank you again1

    4 Answers
  3. Cat eating sponges

    If your cat is actually eating the sponges this could cause an intestinal blockage so it’s pretty serious! If she has eaten one recently you should go consult a vet. If you1

    1 Answers
  4. Will my cat forget about me when I leave the house?

    Hello thank you very much!!! And, indeed, you are right, I must live my life within constantly worrying about my cat. But what can I do I love her so much! I am worrying about eve1

    4 Answers
  5. My cat started peeing in the sink, why?

    My first cat when he couldn't get out would do it in my tub, I didn't tell him off because it's better than waking up and seeing his on the floor and I noticed it'1

    3 Answers
  6. My kitten is peeing on the bed...please send help!

    I would say try to catch her in the act - if you see her on your bed, pick her up and bring her straight to the litter box. If you can’t be home to watch her, maybe close th1

    3 Answers
  7. Out of curiosity: What's your favourite dog breed?

    Well, I'm more of a cat person but if I had to choose one dog breed that I would get, it would have to be the Dachshund. They are sooo cute 😍

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  8. What is my cat's breed?

    I have no idea! If she's part Manx could it be she's mixed with a domestic shorthair?

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  9. When can you touch a kitten after its birth?

    Ok :), but if we touch them there is a risk that the mother will reject them, right?

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  10. My cat eats flies, is it dangerous?

    No don't worry, there is no risk for your cat, mine does the same :)

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