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  1. Is it safe for my cat to wear a collar?

    Yes, collars can be dangerous because your cat could get caught on things and get strangled or stuck for days...not good! But I'm pretty sure you can get cat collars that auto1

  2. How can I get my cat to stop scratching the sofa?

    Have you tried purchasing more scratchpads? The more she has around the house the better! Also you can try different varieties - some cats prefer scratching horizontally, others v1

  3. Maine Coon: how to untangle my cat's hair?

    It is true that sometimes we have to make our pets uncomfortable for a few moments for their own good. I've had lots of Persians over the years, so trust me, I know. In your c1

  4. Cat shedding

    Yes, furminators are terrific haha! Also, vaccuums and lint rollers are your friends. Sometimes I also use a rubber glove or humid towel on my sofa where the cat hair really stick1

  5. Will my cat forget about me when I leave the house?

    Hi Chloe! No your cat will not forget you. It is possible that when you return home she will give you lots of cuddles, and after that she'll ignore you until you feed her. Don1

  6. When can you touch a kitten after its birth?

    If the mother of the little ones is a well-socialized cat who therefore trusts you, no problem touching the kittens from birth. In fact, it's good to do so because you should1

  7. Just wondering: What's your favourite cat breed?

    I have a Persian at home and I must admit I think they are fascinating creatures

  8. Animal Modelling

    Hi! I've heard of Urban Paws as well, but other than that, I don't know much about cat modelling. A lot of people make their pets famous by creating Instagram accounts for them1

  9. Is it ok that I don’t want to let my cat go outside?

    I’ve always had indoor cats and I’ve found that as long as you keep them reasonably busy and give them plenty of toys, cat trees, etc., they’re happy kitties :)

  10. Introducing a dog to my cat

    Personally, I wouldn't add a new pet to the family if my cat was uncomfortable with it.