Coton de Tulear

Other names : Coton, Cotie

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Life expectancy

The Coton de Tulear has a life expectancy of between 14 and 16 years




Adult size

Female Between 9 and 11 in
Male Between 10 and 12 in

Adult weight

Female Between 7 and 11 lb
Male Between 9 and 13 lb
Coat colour
Type of coat
Eye colour

Purchase price

The Coton de Tulear costs between £910 and £1180

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More details about the Coton de Tulear

Coton de Tulear: Origins and history

Tulear (now mostly known as Toliara) is a port town on the island of Madagascar, 200 miles from the coast of Africa. The island was colonised for nearly a century by the French, and their language is still common there today, especially among the so-called elites. Hence the name of this ‘cotton dog of Tulear.’
The deep pre-history of the Coton de Tuléar is somewhat blurry. In some places it is asserted that the hound evolved as a feral creature after a crate of Euro-pups from a shipwrecked merchant boat washed up on the island and mated with local strays, as Euro-brats are wont to do. Others suggest the dog’s ancestors arrived on the island under more formal conditions, as the Bichon-type dogs of international traders, who then interbred and evolved into this fluffy little superstar.
Anyway, at some point during the 17th century, the ruling "Merina" tribe adopted the breed for themselves, forbidding regular islanders from keeping Cotons, so that the creature soon became known as the "Royal Dog of Madagascar," a title by which she is still informally known today. And indeed she was exclusive also to the island, having evolved there, and did not find her way abroad until the 1960s, when she became popular in France. She wasn’t recognised by the UK Kennel Club until 1990.
Today, her fine hair and keen price tag have caused her to be associated with elements of high glamour. The likes of Barbra Streisand, Debra Messing, Glenn Close, Jane Fonda, and Catherine Zeta-Jones have taken Cotons as companions, while she has graced her own postage stamp in her native Madagascar.

FCI classification of the Coton de Tulear

  • Group 9 - Companion and Toy Dogs

  • Section 1 : Bichons and related breeds

Training a Coton de Tulear

She’s intelligent and enjoys company and treats, but can also be stubborn and grow bored of the pedagogic progress. Use compliments rather than punishments when training the Coton de Tuléar, always be patient, and this dog has great potential for continued education – the realm of tricks and agility.

Coton de Tulear: Purchase price

The average price for a Coton de Tuléar dog is between £910 - £1180.

The Coton de Tuléar can cost around £30 - £40 per month to feed and maintain.

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