Can a dog and cat be friends?



So I have an adorable 9-year-old Coton de Tuléar and my brother has a 1-year-old cat. They've never met but I would really love it if they could! I think it could work out because both are super chill. My Coton has met cats before and just wants to sniff them, but cats never want anything to do with him :( But I feel like my brother's cat would actually be intrigued by him and wouldn't reject the poor thing! So my question is: is it a good idea to make these two meet even though they're definitely past the socialisation stage AND if so, how can I make sure it goes smoothly?

Thanks so much!

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Dogs and cats can live in harmony but introductions should be gradual. Also allow the cat to have places to go that are up high to allow for space between them. Research the breed of dog, as some dogs have chase instincts so this could be problematic for the cat. 

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