Dutch Smoushond

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Life expectancy

The Dutch Smoushond has a life expectancy of between 12 and 14 years




Adult size

Female Between 14 and 16 in
Male Between 15 and 17 in

Adult weight

Female Between 15 and 24 lb
Male Between 15 and 24 lb
Coat colour
Type of coat
Long Hard
Eye colour
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More details about the Dutch Smoushond

Dutch Smoushond: Origins and history

The Dutch Smoushond originates from Holland and is believed to descend from the much-loved Schnauzer breed group. While the exact dates of its origin are unknown, the Smoushond was an extremely popular ‘gentleman’s companion’ and ratter back in the 1800s. Despite almost facing extinction during WWII, a famous breeder called Mrs Barkman managed to revive the breed with some success. However, it’s still a relatively rare breed, and these days is even hard to come by in its native Holland.

FCI classification of the Dutch Smoushond

  • Group 2 - Pinscher and Schnauzer - Molossoid and Swiss Mountain and Cattledogs

  • Section 1 : Pinscher and Schnauzer type

Training a Dutch Smoushond

The Dutch Smoushond loves to please its owner, making the breed an absolute pleasure to train. Positive, reward-based training is the way to go with this eager pooch - harsh criticism or correction is likely to cause upset.

Dutch Smoushond: Purchase price

We do not have enough data to set an average price of purchase for this breed. However, looking after a dog of this size typically costs between £60 to £100 a month, including food, medical/insurance, and incidental expenses.

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