Halden Hound

Other names: Haldenstøver

Halden Hound
Halden Hound

The Halden Hound is a hunting dog developed more than a century ago in Norway. The breed’s name, “Halden” gives reference to a town located in the Southeast of Norway. At first glance, you can see a similarity with the American Foxhound, as they both have the same body shape and colouring. He is a scent hound, who often hunts alone, rather than in a pack. 


Key facts about the Halden Hound

  • Life expectancy : Between 10 and 13 years
  • Temperament : Intelligent, Hunter
  • Size : Medium
  • Type of coat : Short, Hard
  • Price : Between £700 and £1

FCI Group

FCI Group

Group 6 - Scent hounds and related breeds


Section 1 : Scent hounds

Physical characteristics of the Halden Hound

Adult size

Female dog Between 20 and 23 in
Male dog Between 20 and 24 in


Female dog Between 44 and 55 lb
Male dog Between 51 and 64 lb

Coat colour

A tri-colour coat, in white, black and brown.

Type of coat

The Halden Hound has a short coat that has no undercoat. However the coat is quite dense to keep the dog warm in the chilly, Norwegian winters.

Eye colour

Dark brown.


The Halden Hound is solidly built, with an athletic body, long limbs and pendulous ears. He has been bred to hunt hares and as a result shows fantastic speed and stamina when in the hunting field. The dog’s head is a domed shape, with a black nose and wide nostrils. This dog is obviously a working breed as can be seen by his build. 



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In the family home, the Halden Hound will form strong bonds with all of the family. He is loyal, affectionate and gentle.


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This breed loves to play.


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In the hunting field this hound is determined, focused and passionate, yet in the home he is calm and sweet-tempered.


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A very smart dog, who enjoys following scents.


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As the Halden Hound has primarily been bred to hunt, he is an energetic worker with a strong work ethic and notable stamina.

Fearful / wary of strangers

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This breed is wary around strangers, however early socialisation can help.


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The Halden Hound can be quite independent, especially when hunting alone.

Behaviour of the Halden Hound

Tolerates solitude

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It is known that the Halden Hound breed can become very close to and reliant on his family. Because of this, he can suffer from separation anxiety when left alone.

Easy to train / obedience

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With an experienced handler, the Halden Hound will love to learn new tricks and behaviours.  A firm training method is required. 


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This dog will bark occasionally, but certainly not constantly.

Tendency to run away

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As a scenting dog, he will give chase after any wild game that he spots or scents. There is a risk that he will disappear into the distance.


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This is a dog that enjoys being with his family and isn’t happy to be left home alone for a long time. If you do so, destructive behaviours will arise. 

Greedy / Gluttony

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Not a greedy dog, providing he is fed a high-quality feed to meet his dietary needs.

Guard dog

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The Halden Hound makes a good watchdog and is very keen to alert his master to the arrival of any visitors. 

First dog

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The Halden Hound is a good choice for a first dog, provided that he is given plenty of exercise and trained well.


Halden Hound in a flat

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This breed does better in a rural setting with plenty of outside space to run around, rather than in a small flat.

Need for exercise / Sporty

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This hound has the need to run freely when exercising. He does best when in a home with an active family as he enjoys long runs and hikes

Travelling / easy to transport

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The Halden Hound will be adaptable when travelling in the rear of a vehicle.


Halden Hound and cats

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If this breed is socialised with cats in the home he should be fine, but care must be taken to remember that he has a high prey drive when around small animals.

Halden Hound and dogs

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The Halden Hound gets along well with other dogs, especially when living together in the same environment. There may be some dominance issues with other canines of the same sex.

Halden Hound and children

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The Halden Hound is an affectionate and loving dog, especially when it comes to children. However, care must be taken to supervise the dog around younger children, as he doesn’t like to be teased or handled roughly. 

Halden Hound and the elderly

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In very rare circumstances, the Halden Hound has been kept solely as a companion dog and he fares well, providing he receives adequate exercise each day. He will happily relax and be content with an elderly person. 


The initial purchase price to buy the Halden Hound is between £700 to £1000. An additional budget of between £80 to £120 monthly should suffice, to cover his feeding costs, veterinary bills, and pet insurance


Twice-weekly brushing should suffice to remove any dead hair.


Moderate shedder.

Nutrition of the Halden Hound

The Halden Hound should eat two meals each day, of a good quality dry dog food. This can be adapted for his age, size and exercise levels.

Health of the Halden Hound

Life expectancy

This breed of hound is relatively healthy. Its life expectancy is between 10 and 13 years.

Strong / robust

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The Halden Hound is a strong, solid dog.

Withstand heat

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Care must be taken to provide adequate shade during periods of hot weather, to prevent this hound from overheating.

Withstand cold

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An extremely hardy dog, especially when it comes to colder weather conditions. The fur grows between the toes on the hound’s feet, to help with warmth and stability when hunting over snowy terrains.

Tendency to put on weight

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It is important to monitor food intake and exercise, to prevent this dog from becoming obese, especially when he is no longer a working hound.

Common illnesses

Good to know

The Halden Hound may be noted for being one of the most exceptional breeds used for hunting sports, but in more recent years, his other endearing qualities have proved that he is also a marvellous companion dog. When in the hunting field this hound will show great energy, stamina and independence, yet in the home, he will be an affectionate and docile canine. This makes him the perfect companion for an active owner, and an ideal playmate for children.

Origins and history

The first Halden Hound dogs came about by breeding a mix of English, Swiss and other European hounds. At one point, it is thought that the English Beagle was an ancestor of the breed. In more recent years, the Halden Hound has become a very rare breed after disease outbreaks and both World Wars have reduced its population. It is classed as a rare breed, especially since only a small number of pups have been registered in Norway, and none others internationally. This means that the breed is at risk of extinction. 


Raegar, Odin, Freya, Liv

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