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Austrian Black and Tan Hound

Other names: Austrian Smooth-Coated Hound, Osterreischische Glattaarige, Brandlbracke, Bracke, Vieraugl

Austrian Black and Tan Hound
Austrian Black and Tan Hound

The Austrian Black and Tan Hound is a sweet looking dog, especially when a small puppy. With their fascinating ancestry traced back to Celtic hounds, these large dogs are brilliant hunters tracking down game, mostly in the mountainous ranges of Austria.


Key facts about the Austrian Black and Tan Hound

  • Life expectancy : Between 12 and 14 years
  • Temperament : Hunter
  • Size : Medium
  • Type of coat : Short
  • Price : Between £400 and £500

FCI Group

FCI Group

Group 6 - Scent hounds and related breeds


Section 1 : Scent hounds

Physical characteristics of the Austrian Black and Tan Hound

Adult size

Female dog Between 19 and 21 in
Male dog Between 20 and 22 in


Female dog Between 40 and 44 lb
Male dog Between 40 and 44 lb

Coat colour

Black and tan are the main colours for the Austrian Black and Tan Hound. The size and location of the tan markings can vary.

Type of coat

Black and Tans have a typical hound-like coat, that should be smooth with a sheen, and close-lying and short. 

Eye colour

Dark brown and clear. This breed should have 2 tan marks above his eyes that actually give the appearance of the dog having 4 eyes.


This breed originated in Austria, as the name suggests. The dog has a powerful stance and a strong body, although it will never appear stocky or thick-set. The Austrian Black and Tan Hound is a very athletic, agile dog. It has a glossy black and tan coat, brown eyes and the drooping ears typical of a hound breed. 



yellow-paw yellow-paw grey-paw

As this breed is generally owned as a working dog, not much is recorded about their lives outside of this environment. However, they appear to be friendly, good-tempered canines that are also quite affectionate.


yellow-paw yellow-paw grey-paw

After a day spent working, the dog in his home environment is generally happy to interact and socialise with the family.


yellow-paw yellow-paw grey-paw

Although it is renowned as a hunting breed, it also has a calm and agreeable nature.


yellow-paw yellow-paw grey-paw

The Austrian Black and Tan Hound is extremely intelligent. This can, of course, have positive and negative repercussions when it comes to training.


yellow-paw yellow-paw yellow-paw

In the first instance, this dog is a working breed and is very skilled at hunting, especially foxes and rabbits.

Fearful / wary of strangers

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This hound won’t usually show any signs of aggression or shyness, although at the first meeting with a stranger, he will be unsure and approach with trepidation.


yellow-paw yellow-paw yellow-paw

The Austrian Black and Tan Hound is an independent character, certainly able to cope when in a hunting and working environment. 

Behaviour of the Austrian Black and Tan Hound

Tolerates solitude

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Providing this dog is given sufficient work to occupy him through the day, he shouldn’t display any symptoms of boredom when left alone. 

Easy to train / obedience

yellow-paw yellow-paw yellow-paw

An intelligent breed of dog that should respond well to training methods and routines. As very obedient dogs, the Austrian Black and Tan Hound will probably be easier to train than other hound dogs. 


yellow-paw yellow-paw yellow-paw

When this hound is working in the field, and has cornered his prey, he will howl and bray to alert his master. Obviously you don’t want this skill to transfer to the home environment, so careful training must be applied from a young age. 

Tendency to run away

yellow-paw yellow-paw grey-paw

As a hunting breed, of course he is going to give chase when he locks into a scent. 


yellow-paw yellow-paw grey-paw

If left to his own devices, just as with many other dog breeds, boredom can result in destructive behaviour.

Greedy / Gluttony

yellow-paw yellow-paw grey-paw

Not normally a greedy dog breed, providing he is fed a nutrient rich diet to meet his dietary needs.

Guard dog

yellow-paw grey-paw grey-paw

The Austrian Black and Tan Hound isn’t usually suspicious or wary, so probably won’t make an especially efficient watchdog.

First dog

yellow-paw yellow-paw grey-paw

As a first working and hunting dog, this hound is an excellent choice. However, this may not be the case for someone looking for a companion pet, because of his inbuilt hunting desires.


Austrian Black and Tan Hound in a flat

yellow-paw grey-paw grey-paw

This hound is definitely not suited to apartment or city living. He is a working breed, and much prefers to live in a rural location where he can run around freely, with plenty of outside space.

Need for exercise / Sporty

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As a high-energy breed, the Austrian Black and Tan Hound needs vigorous daily exercise. He certainly won’t settle for just a walk around the block, preferring more substantial exercise routines. 

Travelling / easy to transport

yellow-paw yellow-paw grey-paw

This dog is fine when transferred in the rear of a working, agricultural vehicle, on route to the hunting field. However, it is not the type or size of dog to take on public transport. 


Austrian Black and Tan Hound and cats

yellow-paw grey-paw grey-paw

As a scent hound and very capable of searching for and hunting down prey, he isn’t the first choice of dog to have around felines.

Austrian Black and Tan Hound and dogs

yellow-paw yellow-paw grey-paw

Providing the Austrian Black and Tan Hound has been socialised with other dogs from an early age, they will get on well together. 

Austrian Black and Tan Hound and children

yellow-paw yellow-paw yellow-paw

Because of their size and agility, they don’t really make a suitable pet for toddlers and small children. On the other hand, this hound will be very accepting of older children.

Austrian Black and Tan Hound and the elderly

yellow-paw yellow-paw grey-paw

Possibly too enthusiastic and boisterous to live with an elderly person. This breed needs an owner that can keep up with their vigorous exercise demands.


The initial purchase price for an Austrian Black and Tan puppy will be in the region of £400 - £500. Monthly costs, including feeding, veterinary costs, and insurance, will be anywhere between £50 to £80 on average. 


This is a low maintenance breed when it comes to grooming routines. A weekly brush will usually suffice. Note should be made that the Austrian Black and Tan Hound has a unique odour. He also drools quite a lot after an exercise session or when he is feeling hot.


The Austrian Black and Tan is a moderate shedder. 

Nutrition of the Austrian Black and Tan Hound

As a dog breed that exercises vigorously, he needs a well-balanced, nutritious food, high in protein, suitable for a working or active dog type.

Health of the Austrian Black and Tan Hound

Life expectancy

Although there isn’t much health detail documented for the Austrian Black and Tan hound, it is understood that he may be prone to issues that affect large hound dogs, such as demodectic mange, ear infections, hip and elbow dysplasia. Its life expectancy is between 12 and 14 years.

Strong / robust

yellow-paw yellow-paw yellow-paw

This breed produces a very healthy and strong dog.

Withstand heat

yellow-paw yellow-paw grey-paw

This hound breed tolerates heat, although after vigorous exercise, he will drool excessively. 

Withstand cold

yellow-paw yellow-paw grey-paw

Certainly a breed that can live and work outside in all weathers. 

Tendency to put on weight

yellow-paw grey-paw grey-paw

The Austrian Black and Tan Hound has a tendency to gain weight as they get older.

Common illnesses

Good to know

The Austrian Black and Tan Hound has distinctive fawn-coloured markings at eyebrow level. His Austrian name, “Vieräugl” translates to “four eyes” because of this appearance.

Origins and history

The Austrian Black and Tan Hound has ancient ancestors from the Celtic Hound breed of dogs. These Celtic dogs were introduced into Western Europe as guard dogs, hunting dogs, and war dogs. During the late 19th century, the original Austrian Black and Tan Hound breed was established in Austria, as a tracking and hunting dog. Even today, they are known for their amazing persistence, their speed, agility and sharp nose, especially when hunting.


Marie, Betsy, Jonas, Walt

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