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Polish Hunting Dog

Other names: Gonczy polski

Polish Hunting Dog

The Polish Hunting dog is a versatile hunting dog that can be used for hunting deer, as well as hare, fox or wild board. Balanced, gentle and courageous, they are an intelligent and docile breed that can even make good guard dogs.

Key facts about the Polish Hunting Dog

Life expectancy :





Temperament :

Affectionate Hunter

Size :

Origins and history

The history of the Polish Hunting Dog dates back to the 13th century. In Poland, hunting dogs were particularly appreciated, especially by Noblemen as evidenced in chronicles dating from the 14th century. From the 16th century, two Polish breeds stood out: the Polish Brachet (heavier)and the Polish Hunting Dog (lighter) as described on this page. The dog lover Jozef Pawuslewicz that develops the breeding and writes their standard, which will then allow the Cynological Association of Poland to officially recognise the breed.

FCI breed nomenclature

FCI Group

Group 6 - Scent hounds and related breeds


Section 1 : Scent hounds

Physical characteristics of the Polish Hunting Dog

Adult size

Female : Between 20 and 22 in

Male : Between 22 and 23 in


Female : Between 44 and 66 lb

Male : Between 44 and 66 lb

Coat colour

Type of coat

Eye colour



The Polish Hunting Dog is a medium-size breed, flexible and of a stocky build. Their head is noble, their skull slightly bulging and the stop a little marked. The eyes are of a medium size, slanted and express a certain sweetness. Triangular in shape, their ears are medium in size and drooping. The tail, average length, is covered with fur and hangs fairly low, in saber and slightly exceeds the dog’s back when they are in action.

Good to know

In some countries, the Polish Hunting Dog is used by the police, notably due to their phenomenal sense of smell and their unheard-of sense of direction (utility searching, searching for narcotics etc.)


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    The Gonczy, as called in their country of origin and by lovers of the breed, is a particularly benevolent dog who are close to their master. Beyond being an excellent utility dog, they also make wonderful companions for the whole family.

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    Play time can be of great help towards the training of this Polish puppy. In adulthood, the Polish Hunting Dog will remain playful but not excessively.

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    These dogs, despite their needs to tire themselves out, have a rather calm temperament.

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    This dog’s intelligence lies in their ability to adapt: they can be hunting, guard, companion or show dogs. They excel at everything they do, having the drive to do well and satisfy their master.

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    An excellent hunting dog, they are mainly used for wild boar and deer hunting. They have a fantastic flair and brilliant sense of direction, which makes them an ideal choice of dog to assist hunters.

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    Fearful / wary of strangers

    Without being aggressive, the Polish Hunting Dog is, however, rather suspicious of strangers. They need time to analyse and a proper introduction in order to gain their confidence.

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    Like many hunting dogs, the Polish Hunting Dog knows how to be independent, however, their devotion to their owners does give them a certain sense of dependence, nevertheless, it’s very measured.

    Behaviour of the Polish Hunting Dog

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      Tolerates solitude

      Very close to their social group, this hunting dog can withstand being away from their owners, but only if they are used to it from an early age.

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      Easy to train / obedience

      Particularly docile, the Polish Hunting Dog, is very easy to train as they feel the need to satisfy their owners.

      Sometimes stubborn, like any hunting dog, good training must therefore begin as soon as the Polish Hunting puppy arrives at their adopted home.

      The educational bases should be acquired smoothly and in a positive way.

      Recall will be advantageous in order to keep a check on this dog, especially during walks.

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      When hunting, the Gonczy is renowned for barking. Depending on the gender, the tone varies: it’s more high-pitched in females.

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