English Toy Terrier (Black & Tan)

Other names: English toy terrier Black and Tan

English Toy Terrier (Black & Tan)

The English Toy Terrier is an energetic, smart breed, who is also very affectionate and loyal to its owners. They are understood to be the oldest, native, toy breed and are quite difficult to find. This good-natured breed are quite playful and love to please their owners. However, as with most terriers, they have a high prey drive and might not get along with other pets and small animals.

Key facts about the English Toy Terrier (Black & Tan)

Life expectancy :





Temperament :

Affectionate Playful Hunter

Size :

Origins and history

This breed of toy dogs dates back to the 15th century, according to historic records. However, it gained in popularity around the 1800’s when they were used as ratters. The country was overrun with these vermin, and the little dogs did a fantastic job of keeping their numbers low. At this time, they were called Miniature Black and Tan terriers, until 1960, when the breed title was changed to the English Toy terrier.

In later years, breeders were known to interbreed dogs in an attempt to produce the smallest dog. This however, resulted in many congenital and hereditary health conditions and the reduction in terrier breed numbers.

FCI breed nomenclature

FCI Group

Group 3 - Terriers


Section 4 : Toy Terriers

Physical characteristics of the English Toy Terrier (Black & Tan)

Adult size

Female : Between 10 and 12 in

Male : Between 10 and 12 in


Female : Between 4 and 7 lb

Male : Between 4 and 7 lb

Coat colour

Type of coat

Eye colour



It’s very easy to confuse the English Toy Terrier dog with the Miniature Pinscher, as they both have a very similar black and tan coat. Their body shape is also very alike, however the only noticeable difference is their size.

The English Toy Terrier has a narrow, long, and wedge-shaped head and a black nose. The eyes of the English Toy terrier are almond shaped, small and dark to black in colour. With ears having pointed tips and candle flame-shaped, yet very thin when touched. The dog’s front legs are strong, fine-boned and straight and he has a compact body shape. The back legs, likewise are very strong and muscly, ending in very small feet adorned with black toe-nails. The terrier’s tail is set low, tapered near to the tip but thicker at the root.

Good to know

The English Toy terrier, is currently recognised by the UK Kennel Club, as a vulnerable, native breed. Because of this, great emphasis is being placed on the breed to boost the dogs’ popularity. It is hoped that the more people learn and understand about the fabulous and appealing characteristics and personalities of the breed, then numbers will increase. If you wish to obtain one of these charming pups, you will have to register your interest with a breeder and be included on a waiting list.


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    On the whole, the English Toy terrier is a friendly little character, affectionate and totally devoted to his family. Many of the Toy breed dogs are bred as lap dogs or small companion dogs who love attention.

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    These small terriers have a very playful side to their personality. Although sometimes quite cheeky and mischievous, they love to entertain when the mood takes them.

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    As a member of the terrier breed, albeit the toy group, he has inherited some of the feisty, terrier temperament and isn’t often rested and calm.

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    Certainly a very intelligent breed, always willing to please their owner. If they receive one-to-one attention during their training periods, which they love, they do very well at quickly picking up new tasks. However, this also means that they’re capable of picking up bad behaviours and habits too.

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    As is the norm with terrier breeds with a high prey drive, they love to chase almost anything that runs in front of them.

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    Fearful / wary of strangers

    In some cases, the English Toy terrier can be quite aloof when unknown visitors are in his home. However, this can often be remedied with early socialisation from a young age.

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    Very clever dogs, they are also fast learners. Incidentally, they do like to think for themselves and can also be quite stubborn and mischievous at times. This is often true among many of the terrier breeds.

    Behaviour of the English Toy Terrier (Black & Tan)

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      Tolerates solitude

      Although the English Toy terrier isn’t as active as some other small dog breeds, he isn’t happy when left on his own for long periods. These small, affectionate canines form strong bonds with their family, and love being around them and involved in the family activities.

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      Easy to train / obedience

      As these small terriers are such independent thinkers, it is important that they are trained and socialised early. As with many other sensitive breeds, he’s not too happy with harsh words or reprimands when training. You will probably discover that this high-energy, lively little dog will respond better to positive reinforcement methods, which will bring out the best in him.

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      These small dogs tend to like hearing their own voices and barking is quite a common occurrence with the English Toy terrier.

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