Austrian Pinscher

Photo: adult dog of Austrian Pinscher breed
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Life expectancy

The Austrian Pinscher has a life expectancy of between 13 and 15 years




Adult size

Female Between 17 and 19 in
Male Between 17 and 20 in

Adult weight

Female Between 26 and 40 lb
Male Between 26 and 40 lb
Coat colour
Black Brown Red Sand
Type of coat
Short Long
Eye colour

Purchase price

The Austrian Pinscher costs between £500 and £1000

Good to know

More details about the Austrian Pinscher

Austrian Pinscher: Origins and history

The Austrian Pinscher originates from Austria (duh!) towards the end of the 19th century. Farmers wanted a dog which could act as a watchdog as well as keep their property and land free of mice and rats - and as you’ve read, they definitely got what they wanted! This smart and intelligent pup was finally recognised as a breed in 1928.

FCI classification of the Austrian Pinscher

  • Group 2 - Pinscher and Schnauzer - Molossoid and Swiss Mountain and Cattledogs

  • Section 1 : Pinscher and Schnauzer type

Training a Austrian Pinscher

Due to the Austrian Pinscher’s natural dominance and independence, they can be difficult to train. They need a confident, experienced trainer and consistent training sessions from a young age. If this breed thinks it can get its own way, it could become bossy and impossible to handle.

Austrian Pinscher: Purchase price

Though they’re hard to find in the UK, we’d expect an Austrian Pinscher puppy to cost between £500 and £1,000.

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