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Diana: female dog to adopt

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    This gorgeous girl is Princesa, who came to us many months ago, having been found as a stray who had been hit by a car. The poor girl was left to fend for herself, unable to move as she had an injury to her lungs. Luckily our trusted volunteer took her in and got her all the medical care she needed, and after a successful operation, Princesa is now ready for her home with no lasting effects.

    She has been waiting for a really long time, spending some time in foster and some time at the boarding kennel, and she has proved herself to be wonderful with everyone. In a home environment she was calm at home and very affectionate, going for walks daily and walking really nicely on lead. In the boarding kennel she shares with many other dogs, and is always social and balanced around new dogs. She plays really nicely and loves dog company. 

    Princesa is a big girl, being a Mastin cross, as we are looking for someone experienced with very large breeds and the protective nature these dogs can have. When Princesa is out and about with her foster carers, she is generally an absolutely model companion - walking nicely on lead and interacting well with other dogs. She went to a shopping centre recently with other dogs and behaved perfectly the entire time, even with all the business and movement of the environment. When she’s at home or if she gets startled by an unexpected person on walks (particularly if it’s dark and someone approaches who she doesn’t know), Princesa’s protective instincts kick in, and she needs a confident, familiar person to tell her everything is okay and that she can relax. Outside of these key moments, which she overcomes with the right guidance and firmness.

    Princesa is a gem of a dog. So loving and she will make the best companion- she’s great in the car, adores her people and would very happily live with a playful resident dog. A fenced garden and an adult only or older children (14+) home would suit her best, with the opportunity to explore outside on a regular basis. 
    Princesa is waiting for you. She seems invisible and we don’t know why. If you’re looking for a loyal, loving and noble larger dog, then Princesa is the girl for you.

    She will be spayed, vaccinated, microchipped and tested for Mediterranean diseases before travelling to her new home. She is currently in Spain, but can be adopted in England or Wales (not Scotland as we don’t have rescue back up here). If you're looking for a large breed girl, with a personality as big as her size, then you've found your new companion. Please get in touch with any questions about this wonderful girl, we would love to hear from you!

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