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Enjoy a purrfect Valentine's Day with your cat

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How to spend a purrfect Valentine's Day with your cat

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Valentine's Day is all about love, so remember to make sure you include your feline friend by checking out our tips on spending Valentines Day with your cat.

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and it's an opportunity to think about the ones we love. If you are a cat owner, then you may want to include your cat in this special day. After all, who shares more love with you every day than your feline best friend?

There are plenty of ways to spend Valentine's Day with your cat to show how much you love them. Check out these ideas for spending a Happy Valentine's Day with the special cat in your life.

What should I get my cat for Valentine's Day?

When you buy a gift for that special (human) someone in your life, don't forget to also get something for your furry friend on Valentine's Day. But if you are stuck on what to get the cat that has everything, here are some gift ideas for your cat this Valentine's Day:

  • Catnip
  • Stylish new collar
  • Cosy cat bed
  • Toys for your cat to play with and chase 
  • Cat-friendly treats
  • Scratching post

Just remember, while it's an ideal gift for your human Valentine, chocolate is toxic to cats, so shouldn't be something you give to your feline.

How do you show your cat that you love them?

Cats have a reputation for being distant, aloof and not as affectionate as their canine counterparts. But while cats tend to show it in more subtle ways than dogs, cat lovers know that our feline friends do enjoy giving and receiving affection. Spending Valentine's Day with your cat is the perfect excuse to lavish them with love; it just has to be on their terms.

Make yourself available

Cats tend to like to dictate the times and terms of affection, but they need you to be around. Just sitting in the same room as your cat will provide them with opportunities to seek your attention whenever they are in the mood. Put a nice soft blanket on your lap and be ready for kneading and lots of cat snuggles.

Blink slowly, while gazing lovingly into their eyes

Cats often show affection by looking at someone they trust and slowly closing their eyes. You can return this display of feline affection by getting on their level, meeting their gaze and slowly blinking back at them.

Share a head butt

Some cats show their affection with a head bonk. When your cat does this, they are showing you their love, that they trust you and claiming ownership of you as their human. If your cat offers up their head, take the opportunity to declare your feelings. Lean into the head butt and allow yours and their face to rub against one another.

Let your cat rub on you

You may notice that your cat often rubs against your leg. Similar to the head butt, it's their way of showing their affection. Cats have special scent glands on their cheeks and heads. When they rub against you, they are paying you the ultimate compliment of leaving their scent on you and claiming you as part of their family. Show your love back to your kitty by letting them do this and don't move away when they wind themselves around your legs.

Groom your cat

Grooming is another way your cat likes to spread its scent to create a sense of belonging. While you may not want to copy this action exactly, licking your cat's fur is not recommended, you can still show your love for them by grooming your cat the human way. Gently brushing your cat is not just a good way of removing loose fur, but it also gives your cat a lovely massage.

Don't forget the vet

A visit to the vet may not be what springs to mind when thinking about spending Valentine's Day with your cat. But it is one of the best ways you can show them how much you care. Cats are very good at hiding signs of discomfort and sickness. Regular visits to the vet ensure you don't miss an important chance for small health issues to be diagnosed and treated before it becomes more serious.

Five ways to celebrate Valentine's Day with your cat

You've got the present and cat card sorted, and you know how to show your cat how much you love them. Next, you need to think about what you will do on the day to make spending Valentine's Day with your cat extra special. Here are some ideas for enjoying the purrfect date with your feline best friend.

1. Games night

Spending Valentine's Day with your cat is all about making them feel special, so make time to play with them. Plan a game session with their favourite toys and enjoy watching them trying to catch a feather or chase around after their favourite ball.

2. Treat baking party

With most animals, the way to their heart is through their stomach, and your cat Valentine is probably no different. Feeding your cat is likely to be their favourite thing you do for them. Show your cat just how much you love them with some tasty homemade cat treats that they will love meowy much.

3. Build an amazing cat box fort

It's a well-known fact that cats love boxes. Sometimes a cat will even love an empty cardboard box more than what came inside it. You can use spending Valentine's Day with your cat as a chance to indulge their love of boxes by building them their very own cat box fort for them to play in. You could even create a section with blankets so you can join in on the fort fun too.

4. Cook a fancy feast for two

Date night usually includes a nice dinner. Instead of feeding your cat their usual dry or wet food, cook up something extra delicious for them. Spoil them with a chicken feast or even some salmon. Make your cat feel like the king or queen and put out a romantic picnic on the floor or even set up a fancy dinner table for them. After all, they deserve it!

5. Kitty pampering

Give your cat a good pampering with a lovely, all-over massage. Give your furry Valentine lots of strokes from nose to tail, paying special attention to the places they like the best such as under the cheeks and at the base of their tail. A good cat massage will make them feel loved and relaxed and help you check them over for any bumps, lumps, matted fur, or areas that may need attention.

Valentine's Day is for spending with the people you love. For some of us, that person has four legs, a tail and whiskers. So follow these tips and you and your feline best friend can look forward to a lovely Valentine's Day together.

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