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How to wash a cat?

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It’s not difficult to give your cat a bath, but you do need to get them accustomed to it. If your cat is making a career out of showing, then bathing is essential for a beautiful coat and to make a good impression on the judges.

How can you wash your cat? 

We say “Cats hate water” so bathing your cat can be quite a task. To make sure this experience goes smoothly for your cat and for you, here is how to go about bathing your cat: after combing your cat’s fur with a brush, in a well heated bathroom, In a bath, run a few centimetres of clean water at 37° degrees Celsius.

Take your cat and put him delicately into the water while petting and soothing them. Use a small container to wet them with the warm and clean water but take care not to get any in the cat’s ears and eyes. Gently lather the whole body with a specific shampoo for cats and don’t ever use human shampoo. 

Get your cat used to a hair-dryer

Rinse your cat under the showerhead on a low-power setting. Do this twice before drying with a towel, taking care not to tangle the fur.

To prevent the fur not drying properly, it is a good idea to get your cat used to a hairdryer. Avoid using it on high and hot settings, so as not to scare them.

Breeders advise washing long-haired cats the day before a contest to soften the coat; and to wash short-haired cats two to three days before the event so that the coat looks healthy, glossy and is lying close to the body.

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