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Can you find the hidden pug in this photo? Only the sharpest eyes can!

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Somewhere in this picture of a lush green park is a dog hiding in plain sight. How long will it take you to find them?

With its benches, trees and lush green grass, it could be any park. But this park is different because a little dog is hiding somewhere in it.

Hide and seek

If you like a challenge, try tackling this visual puzzle that makes everyone scratch their heads. In this photo, a dog (we've already told you it's a Pug) is hiding. Look and see if you can find the dog in under 20 seconds.

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If you are stuck, don't worry; it's a tricky puzzle. Here's a clue: Take a closer look at the bench, especially the armrest.

Can you see it? If not, scroll down to find the solution.

Pug puzzle

Take a closer look at the picture below. If you take a really good look at the round gap of the armrest, you should spot a little face looking back at you.

Didn't the pup hide well?

solve the pug puzzle

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How long did it take you to find him?

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