Watch: Paraplegic man saves his drowning Rottweiler in the pool

Paraplegic man saving Rottweiler in pool dog-wow © LADbible Australia - Facebook

In South Africa, a huge dog named Cassius fell into the pool of his paraplegic owner. The latter did everything to save his life.

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It cannot be said often enough that swimming pools are a real danger for pets. It is therefore always advisable to be careful and to protect them well so that accidents can be avoided.

In the CCTV video shared by LADbible Australia, we see a Rottweiler dog fall into an unprotected swimming pool in South Africa. The dog, Cassius, was unable to climb back to the edge to safety.

A close call

Twenty minutes after Cassius fell, the dog's owner, Darren Thomas, arrived at the edge of the pool with his wheelchair. Paraplegic, the man then did everything he could to get his dog out of the water.

Since Rottweilers can weigh up to 65 kilos, pulling the dog out by hoisting him up was completely impossible.

Darren decided to gradually move the dog back towards the pool stairs so that he could get out on his own. This obviously required a lot of effort as he had to bend down and move the dog's legs one by one along the length of the pool.

Fortunately, a few minutes later Cassius was able to get out of the pool safely.

Paraplegic Dog Owner Saves Drowning Rottweiler From Pool

This paraplegic dog owner rushed into action to save his huge rottweiler from drowning in the pool 😮👏

Posted by LADbible Australia on Monday, May 16, 2022

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