Watch: Driver sees something on the edge of a bridge and quickly stops her car

woman approaches cat on the edge of a bridge cat-happy © nicoletoney - TikTok

We would hope that everyone would try and help an animal in need if they ever saw one. But rare are those who are brave enough to put themselves in harm’s way to do so.

By Justine Seraphin

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A few months ago, Nicole Toney was driving across a bridge when she suddenly noticed something in the corner of her eye.

As she passed by it, she realised it was a tiny kitten clinging to the edge of the bridge. By the time she realised the kitten needed help, she had already passed her.

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On a mission to save kitten stuck on a bridge

But Nicole, a huge animal lover, turned around as soon as she could. Thankfully, the kitten was still there when she returned to where she had first seen her. 

Nicole parked a few meters away from the kitten so as not to scare her. Then she approached her very slowly, ignoring all the huge trucks and cars who were zooming past her on the bridge. When she was close enough, Nicole placed a hand behind the cat in case she tried to jump. Thankfully, the poor thing was so scared that she stayed very still.

A new chance at life

Once Nicole had her safely in her arms, she walked back to her car and drove the kitten home. She named her “Ducky” because she was a “lucky ducky” to have survived her ordeal. And of course, she kept her.


When I say I was so scared I almost puked….

♬ original sound - Nicole Toney

Ducky now lives with her cat and dog siblings, and of course, her beloved mum who saved her life. Ducky hasn’t completely forgotten about life on the streets and is still sometimes quite skittish. But at least she knows she is safe and loved – forever.

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