Mother who didn’t want a dog leaves a whole town speechless when her daughter brings a puppy home

house with no dogs sign dog-happy © Wamiz

In Piedras Blancas, Spain, a mum stunned everyone when she met her daughter's dog a few weeks ago. To start with, she refused to have a dog in her home.

By Emilie Heyl

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Testimony from Vanessa, content writer at Wamiz 🖋

Vanessa, journalist at Wamiz, tells us how her mother fell in love with her puppy.

My mum doesn't want dogs at home and neither does my grandfather. What am I going to do with Loki when I go to Asturias?" This was the question Vanessa asked herself when she decided to adopt Loki, a beautiful Sheltie puppy who looks like an adorable fox.

Here is Vanessa’s testimony of her very first experience bringing a dog to her mum’s home.

The apprehension is building up 

In my head I couldn't erase the image of my dear mother telling me that Loki wasn’t going to be allowed to enter the bedrooms and that he would not be permitted to play in the living room and on the rugs (see the photo she shared below). She told me before I got on the plane from Paris to Asturias with my dog ​​and my boyfriend that Loki would spend all his day on the balcony and in the kitchen. And my mum wasn’t open to any discussion.

Scared to death (I won't deny it) I had hoped my adorable puppy would soften my mother’s and grandad’s hearts, and the rest of the family’s hearts too actually.

loki en la alfombra del salon
Loki wasn't allowed to sit on the rug 😂😂 ©Wamiz 

So much love for Loki

I grew up in a small town and therefore my mother and I knew the whole town. Well yes, my mum has been running the family restaurant for over 35 years now so it wasn’t hard to get to know all the villagers.

She, who made it very clear that the dog was just a dog and not her grandson and that the dog was not going to enter the house, let alone the restaurant, well, suprise suprise: she totally fell in love with Loki.

Loki was the best thing that happened to me this summer” she said excitedly, holding the puppy in her arms in front of dozens of people waiting to dine in her restaurant.

loki sheltie cama con mi madre
In the background my mother, the one who didn't want dogs at home ©Wamiz

Ever since Loki approached my mum at the airport, something happened between them. Even on our way home, she immediately asked if she could take Loki on her lap.

Loki had a little trouble interacting with his Asturian family, he had never seen them, but it only took him a few hours to conquer the house and steal my mother and grandfather’s hearts.

Like a shadow

Day after day, Loki would feel more comfortable and we often caught him lying between my mum and grandad’s legs. But there was a valid reason behind this: They all had a habit of dropping food on the floor for him to nibble on!

loki sheltie abuelo en la cocina
Loki at the feet of my grandfather, another who did not want dogs at home ©Wamiz

Now, every time I talk on the phone with my mum or grandpa, Loki licks the cell phone just like he would licked them when he was spending time with them, and he looks for them all over the house. 

loki sheltie con su abuela asturias
From the moment she saw him, my mother couldn't resist Loki's charms ©Wamiz

Unfortunately, we are far from each other but we are already counting the days when we will return to my mum’s house where now Loki is the king.

vanessa parapar loki y madre vanessa
My mother with Loki in her arms and me. Family photo! ©Wamiz
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