There's a dog amongst all these polar bears, can you find him?

Polar bears drawing dog-happy

Where's the dog?


A small dog is hiding among all these polar bears. Do you see him? Look very closely as the dog is quite small and not easy to find.

By Emilie Heyl

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The summer in the UK looks more like the weather in the North Pole than the South Seas. When it’s raining and cold all day, there aren’t many activities you can do to keep busy right? 

Well, that is why, we thought you would enjoy this little game to keep busy when normally you would have spent time by the swimming pool.

Where’s the dog?

Hund unter Eisbären
Can you spot the dog? © Ipnoze

Under the large number of polar bears wearing red hats, there is also a puppy hiding and waiting to be found. A lot of people couldn’t find him, and some took two to three minutes.

Take a close look at the picture, zoom in on the picture if you cannot see it immediately.

A little tip: Our four-legged friend is a French bulldog named Pierre. He went to the North Pole for Christmas to visit Santa Claus and got stuck with all these cute polar bears.

If you've found him in less than two minutes, you are a champion!

So? Have you found him yet? 

No? Here’s the answer

Hund unter Eisbären Lösung
Here's the answer © Ipnoze

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