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Woman saves stray kitten only for a vet to inform her she's made a huge mistake

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An incredible rescue which has remained etched in our memories and will undoubtedly remain so for a long time.

About two years ago, Florencia Lobo and her brother went fishing in northwest Argentina. As the day passed quietly, the brother and sister heard a noise that came from a cave, it sounded like an animal was crying.

They decided to go and see what was going on...

An unusual rescue

When Florencia and her brother reached the cave, they found two kittens near their mother’s dead body. They decided to rescue the two cute kittens and named them Dani and Tito. Unfortunately, Dani was too weak and did not survive.

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As days went by, Tito regained his strength and became friends with Florencia, who loved to spend time with him.

Surprise discovery

However, a few weeks later, Tito injured his paw and Florencia took him to a local vet. At first glance, the vet suspects that Tito isn’t an ordinary cat, and he decides to call a local charity specialising in wild animals. A few days later, Florencia discovered that Tito wasn’t a kitten, but a puma yaguarundí.

Knowing Tito would never be completely happy at home, Florencia entrusted him to the Fundación Argentina de Rescate Animal (FARA). There, Tito received all the necessary care and could be returned to his natural environment.

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