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WATCH: Bulldog's reaction to seeing owner in her bed leaves everyone in hysterics

English Bulldog looking at man in dog bed dog-wow
© Raviprakashji - Reddit

Does your dog like to nap in your bed? Get your own back and grab 40 winks in their bed for a change. That's what one owner did much to the confusion of his Bulldog.

By Zoë Monk

Published on the 28/02/2021, 21:00

There are undoubtedly many things humans do that confuse their canine companions.

We go out and leave them, wear clothes, eat off plates (not out of the bin), hug, use our hands and often change our shape and smell.

Confused pup

However, for one English Bulldog, seeing what her human Dad was doing with her dog bed left the adorable pup feeling a little grumpy and confused.

In the Reddit clip, you see an English Bulldog staring confusedly at her owner lying on her dog bed. The man asks the dog why he isn't allowed to be in her bed. The dog barks in response as if to tell her owner to get out of her bed! The man doesn't budge and tells the dog that she sleeps in his bed, so why can't he sleep in hers?

My bed, not yours

The dog is not very impressed and barks some more at her owner who tells the loveable pup that he's not scared of her. The dog then puts her paws on him and tries to put her head under the man as if trying to get underneath him.

The man bursts out laughing, as does the person videoing the man and his dog's hilarious antics. But eventually, the man gives in. While still laughing, he plants a huge kiss on the dog's head as he gets up from the pup's bed.