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Silent cat finally opens his mouth: Nobody can believe the sound that comes out

By Greta Inglis Dog Behaviourist | Animal Behaviourist

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Pipoy has always been a quiet type. So much so that his owner Ladeen never really expected she would hear him speak. Then one day, he opened his mouth...

Pipoy is a beautiful long-haired grey and white cat, who shares his life with owner Ladeen. 

At a year-old, and having never heard him make a single sound, she questioned whether he could even meow. 

An unexpected surprise 

Pipoy has always been affectionate, sweet and very quiet. 

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Then, one fateful day, Ladeen's brother's girlfriend brought her own cat over, and everything changed. 

Hoping the two cats would become firm friends, the women had arranged a playdate at home. And while the cats may not have hit it off, something completely unexpected happened instead. 

Pipoy's owner couldn't believe her ears when the cat opened his mouth and let out a tentative sound. 

"Hi friends" 

At first, Pipoy seemed surprise by his own voice. His owner couldn't hold back, laughing at the adorable sound that came out. 

Rather than a proper meow, it sounds uncannily like Pipoy is trying to say "hi". 

His little greeting seemed the perfect match for the cat's gentle personality. 

The video of Pipoy has now been viewed over 10 million times. "That is the cutest thing ever" wrote one viewer. "Extraordinary", commented another. 

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