Box found outside cat shelter

Volunteers find box outside shelter and know the situation is urgent

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Helpers were met with a distressing scene one afternoon when they discovered a large plastic litter box outside the gate of the animal shelter.

The Ecole du Chat du Pays d'Arles volunteers initially hoped the box contained donated items.

Mysterious plastic box

Intrigued by the mysterious plastic box on the ground, they decided to take a closer look.

But their worst fears were quickly confirmed.

Inside the box was a tiny, helpless cat. No one knows how long the cat had been left in the box, which made the situation even more concerning.

Callous and cowardly actions

The shelter took to Facebook to express their frustration and dismay over the incident. "If no one had come to the rescue that day, what would have become of this poor innocent feline?" they questioned in a heartfelt post on their Facebook page.

The post also condemned the pet's former owner's irresponsible actions, highlighting the cowardice involved in abandoning an animal in such a way.

The shelter is now focusing on finding a new home for the abandoned cat and is calling on the community for support. To prevent similar incidents, anyone who witnesses or suspects animal abandonment is urged to report it immediately.

Thank goodness the volunteers found the poor cat when they did. We hope it doesn't have to wait long to find the loving home it deserves.

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