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Rescue mission gives starving cat found in crawl space new hope

By Zoë Monk Content Writer

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In Brittany in the northwest of France, a daring rescue mission saved the life of Ruby, a four-year-old severely underweight cat discovered in a crawl space.

Barely weighing 1.7 kilograms, rescuers found the black and white cat severely malnourished, similar to the size of a squash. But Ruby’s dire state extended beyond weight in the crawl space of a house. These narrow areas are typically located beneath the house, usually between the ground and the first floor.

Malnourished, dehydrated and anaemic

Ruby was also severely dehydrated and anaemic and showing signs of having motor issues, hinting at problems with her nervous system.

Once removed from the narrow crawl space, she was whisked to an animal shelter for urgent treatment. Unfortunately, she did have to spend some time in the animal hospital as she was just so poorly. 

Meanwhile, the clock was ticking for her owner to come and claim her. In France, owners have eight working days to claim their pet. After this time, the animal is considered abandoned and placed with a shelter for adoption.

Hope for Ruby

Thanks to all the care and treatment, Ruby began showing signs of recovery within just a few days. While it did involve a train journey, Ruby was eventually placed with a loving foster family who would continue with her rehabilitation.

To get Ruby to where she is now has been a long journey for everyone involved. But her story shows that animal shelters are prepared to go above and beyond to help animals like Ruby and give them hope for the future.

Hopefully, things are starting to look up for Rudy and she doesn’t have to wait long to find a forever home.

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