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Shelter receives unexpected package: letter and gifts inside bring them to tears

By Zoë Monk Content Writer

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Volunteers at the Cologne-Dellbrück animal shelter in Germany ask for donations for their annual fundraiser spearheaded by their mascot, a dog named Lupo.

This year, a particularly special package arrived at the shelter’s doorstep amid the usual donations.

Heartfelt donation 

The staff discovered a collection of lovingly handmade gifts in a humble cardboard box. Alongside these treasures, a heartwarming note and a photo caught their attention.

The note revealed the sender to be Robby, a dog who had sadly crossed the rainbow bridge but left a wonderful legacy behind. Despite being strangers to Robby and his family, the shelter received a package of handmade items crafted by Robby’s 91-year-old Grandma. 

Robby’s legacy 

In the note, Robby said he wanted the shelter to have a successful fundraiser and for Lupo and his buddies to enjoy the treats and care they deserved. The generosity of strangers, sharing the love and memory of their beloved pup, touched the hearts of everyone at the shelter. 

Touched by this unexpected act of kindness, shelter staff posted about it on social media, hoping to inspire others to contribute to the well-being of animals in need.

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