Scared dog in shelter

Pressed into a corner and shaking with fear: Paris no longer trusts anyone

By Zoë Monk Content Writer

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His journey into the shelter has left him distressed and cowering in the furthest corner of his kennel.

Despite his relatively young age, Paris bears the scars of a difficult past, evident in his terror-stricken gaze at any approaching human.

Looking for love

But despite his anxiety and mysterious background, there’s one thing that’s clear: Paris needs a permanent home full of love, patience and tranquility.

The Nobody’s Animals Foundation, based in Suwałki, Poland, has become Paris’s refuge since he arrived. The staff work tirelessly to provide him with the comfort and solace he desperately needs. But they know that he can’t stay there forever. Prolonged stays at shelters can often deepen dogs’ fears, making it harder to place them with a family and perpetuating a life of withdrawal and mistrust.

Hope for Paris

Dedicated volunteers and staff are investing lots of time and effort to try to alleviate Paris’s anxiety. While also busy attending to the needs of the many other animals in their care, they strive to offer the delicate attention he craves, a critical component in rebuilding his connection with humans. 

Paris beckons for a compassionate soul willing to embark on a journey of patience, love, and tenderness. In return, his adopter will benefit firsthand from the transformation of a once-frightened dog into a loyal companion.

We hope Paris will find his forever home soon.

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