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Woman hears hens fussing, checks chicken coop and sees six tiny intruders

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During a thunderstorm, Sydney Horvath became concerned about her chicken coop when she heard the hens making unusual noises.

Sydney and her husband went to investigate and were astonished to find six unexpected visitors.

Adorable intruders

Among the chickens were six little kittens. The feline's arrival had seemingly unsettled the chickens causing them to make a fuss. When the couple cautiously opened the nesting box to observe the babies, the little ones hissed, signalling their discomfort at being disturbed. However, it was evident that the kittens were well cared for by their attentive mother.

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Observing the kittens' round bellies and wet noses, Sydney realised that the mother cat was nearby. She set out food and water, waiting for the mother to return. After a few hours, the mother cat reappeared, and she continued to nurture her babies in the coop alongside Sydney's hens.

New adventures

As time passed, the kittens grew, exploring their surroundings and becoming increasingly curious and playful. Sydney and her family delighted in watching the kittens' development. But, to their surprise, the mother cat had a different plan for her offspring.

Gradually, she moved each kitten outside the backyard fence, relocating them to a new place. 

Since then, the chicken coop has returned to normal, a home just for chickens. While Sydney misses the kittens, she is content knowing they are out exploring the world. And if they ever find their way back to the coop, Sydney and her chickens will be happy to see them.

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