How can I get my lazy indoor cat to exercise?


My cat is an indoor cat and she seems pretty happy and healthy but I think she should probably be more active than she is. What can I do to get her to exercise more?

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Welcome to the club, I also have a lazy cat at home who seems to be enjoying the bed's company more than my own haha 

I bought loads of new toys for my cat Sacha and his favourite one is a piece of string I find in an old shoe box, he goes crazy when he sees it! So I make sure I play with him at least 15 minutes every day. And bonus, I get to exercise with him while running around the house.


Hello Clare, 

Thank you for your question.

We know many cat owners are worried about their cats not getting enough exercise, more so in the winter. But don't worry, there are plenty of ways to get your cat to exercise indoors. 
You could: 

  • Buy new toys and see which one your cat prefers 
  • Build a Ford with cardboards (cats love cardboards)
  • Find more time in the day to play with your cat
  • Use cat food puzzles

If you need more information on how to keep your get active indoors, check out this article:

Hope this will help :)

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