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My Golden Retriever loves to run and play but he's 10 years old and is starting to have hip, joint, and heart problems. Though he's been diagnosed, it doesn't seem to bother him at all when he's out and about. My only fear is that by allowing him to exercise so much I can actually make his health issues worse? Should I discourage him from playing/exercising too much?

Thank you for your help!

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Keep the walks and play times short if you are worried about this. But make sure you allow your dog another Outlook for energy expenditure such a enrichment toys in the house (lots of YouTube videos on enrichment) 

If he does not seem in pain when he is playing allow him to play for a period of time as this is good to keep him mobile. 

If you are super worried a vet visit never goes a miss. 

Hi Ellie,

            Do you have any local animal hydrotherapists? Quite often they have tanks with a treadmill at the bottom that remove the weight bearing stress on your dogs joints so will allow them to exercise with minimal discomfort to the issues you've mentioned.

Alternatively you could find a river/body of water with easy access for your dog and concentrate your play here. 

I would always recommend discussing exercise plans with your vet, voicing your concerns as they will be able to offer further support where necessary.


kind regards!

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