How to get my cat ready to move

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What are the methods to get a cat ready to move house? 


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Hi wiggle1991! 
                         There are a few little tips I have to make the process less stressful, first I'd recommend keeping your routine the same as much as possible as cats are very sensitive to change, you could also leave his/her travelling box out a few days before so they don't associate it with the stress of moving, but more a safe space. Using a pheromone diffuser before you move and then in your new home. Cats make a pheromone when they feel secure which helps them identify home. Cats spread this pheromone around their home by rubbing their faces on things. plug-in diffusers or sprays that infuse this pheromone into the air - this helps cats feel calmer and safer. Some advice I found is keeping  a cat calm is easier than calming a stressed cat so plugging in a diffuser should be done at least 24 hours before you start any changes at home, including packing to move!


All the best!! 

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