Does my dog like to be stroked and kissed?


I just love to stroke my dog, cuddle him, kiss him as you would do with a kid... Can't help it and he does not seem to mind, but does he really like it?

Thank you!


4 Answers

My dog is my baby too! I like to think he doesn't mind all the attention, but I suppose it depends on the dog. 


Make sure you read your dogs body language, so the interaction is positive. If they want to move away let them, try not to force affection on to them. They will come to you. 


My dog loves kisses and cuddles! He would be mad at me if I didn't shower him with attention all the time I believe!!!


       That's a great question ask as often we just assume all of our pets want lots of love and affection but as with people, they're individuals with a preference! I'm sure he LOVES them but it's always good to react to their body posture and expressions as this can give you all of the answers you need to your dogs level of comfortability! My dog is like my shadow, she wants constant love and affection but tells me when she's ready to be left alone for abit! I've attached some guides to help you out!

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