• Ash
  1. What’s the first thing you guys will be doing with your pets once lockdown finally ends??

    Probably the same thing as we’re doing today haha. But I won’t be as stressed when people go to pet her at least!

  2. Anal gland problem

    Could it just be that your dog needs wiping after he goes to the toilet? I wipe my dog's bottom occasionally when we get back from a walk to avoid this exact problem. He doesn't h1

  3. How do I get my dog to cooperate when brushing her teeth?

    It’s not a piece of cake, even when you’ve gotten your dog used to it as a puppy, trust me! What I find works best though is making sure it’s a positive experien1

  4. How do I keep my dog off the bed?

    What worked for me was creating a space that was just as comfortable as my bed! I got her a pita bed (which they can bury themselves into), and put a small piece of my clothing in1

  5. Does my dog like to be stroked and kissed?

    My dog loves kisses and cuddles! He would be mad at me if I didn't shower him with attention all the time I believe!!!