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German Shepherd, Australian Shepherd, Labrador, Border Collie or Golden Retriever: Which one to choose?

I would like to get a dog: German Shepherd, Australian Shepherd, Labrador, border collie, golden retriever ... But I do not know which breed to choose. I am very sportive and organised but I don't know if I should get a dog from a breeder or a rescue centre.

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Hello, these breeds you are interested in are very good breeds for an active person. All these breeds are very energetic and love sports, they'll love going running with you, so the choice is yours as it is a matter of taste.

Concerning adopting a dog from a rescue centre, this option is great because you woud give an animal a home, however, if the dog is an adult, it may (or may not) be badly educated or it would possibly have a past. But don't worry, this can be resolved by educating him even if he is no longer young.

If you want to get your dog from a breeder, you will be sure to get the breed you want and the breeder will be able to give you all the information you need about this specific breed. But beware, there are bad breeders so you must do your research before getting a dog from a breeder.


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