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  1. At what age do kittens start to walk?

    Thank you for your answers ♥♥ My friend is going to sterilize the mother and place the kittens in families ;)

    3 Answers
  2. What is the difference between a Burmese and a Ragdoll?

    And they have a two very opposed character. I much prefer the Ragdoll. The price is not the same either, the Ragdoll is more expensive.

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  3. Out of curiosity: What's your favourite dog breed?

    Hello Wamiz_UK,  I don't have a dog unfortunately and there are soooo many cute breeds it's so hard to choose. Mmmh, ok, I really like Samoyed dogs, I find them gorg1

    10 Answers
  4. Rescuing an animal

    It is getting increasingly hard to adopt, especially because there’s so much demand nowadays, so rescues are bound to find adopters, even if they’re very picky. I&rsqu1

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  5. Dog peeing on sofa

    The problem could also be due to boredom if your dog isn’t getting enough exercise or mental stimulation. Border Terriers need lots of activity so if she’s not getting1

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