Allergy to Grass and Weed pollen


She has Epilepsy and has now developed an allergy to grass and weed pollen.  Hair loss around her eyes, skin looking dry but she seems to be crying not conjunctivitis.  Hair loss on front legs - seems to get little spots under the skin and hair loss on a couple of toes.  No fleas or mites.  Hair loss started in June, took to vets who said conjunctivitis but she never had any discharge just swollen eyelids.  Any suggestions on what to put on her skin especially around the eyes.  

2 Answers

My dog had a pretty bad skin infection once and I was told to grind oatmeal into powder and then mix it in with his bathwater. It actually worked like a charm! But maybe if the infection is near your dog's eyes you could make the oatmeal powder into a paste by adding water little by little and then spreading the paste around your dog's eyes? Oatmeal is non-toxic for dogs so I think it'd be safe. Good luck!


Have you read this article? It's about eye infections, but it does suggest some safe ways to soothe a dog's irritated eyes. Hope it helps!

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