1. What is the difference between a Burmese and a Ragdoll?

    I've been doing a bit of research on these two breeds. I think the biggest difference between a Burmese and a Ragdoll is going to be the weight! A ragdoll is a bigger cat1

  2. What type of water for a dog?

    I think both sink water and mineral water are good for your dog.

  3. How long should a puppy wait before its taken out after its meal?

    You can take him out 15 to 20 minutes after a meal for a 2 to 3 month old puppy, but don't make him run. At this age, a puppy sleeps, plays, eats and digests, like a human bab1

  4. Dog peeing on sofa

    Whatever the cause you definitely need to clean your sofa very well before you let her back on it. If she smells an old trace of pee, she’s likely to pee on it again. Rub th1

  5. At what age do kittens start to walk?

    Usually kittens open their eyes around 15 days old. They begin to move slightly earlier, but they should walk confidently around 3 weeks, on average. On the other hand, I would a1

  6. Would a chihuahua be happy in a flat?

    Thank you for this information, it's really helpful. Do you know how we can teach a dog not to bark or cry when he is alone?

  7. Dog acting weird since beach trip

    Hi! That doesn't sound good, I'd take my dog to the vet if I were you. Hope everything is of luck! x

  8. Rescuing an animal

    Thanks so much lovelies! I'll definitely take all of this into consideration! :)

  9. Old cat

    I’m so sorry to hear this. It’s so hard when you know the time is coming, and it’s even harder when it actually does come. But I completely agree with Joe, 1

  10. Do mini Labradors exist?

    I’m asking about minis because I just think if they looked like Lab puppies then they’d be adorable