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Hi! I often look after my sister's baby and it's been really difficult with my cat. He's not aggressive with the baby or anything (in fact it seems like he's not interested in her at all), but when he has his hyper moments he runs all over the place and jumps on the furniture, regardless of whether or not the baby is on it...is there anything I can do to curb his energy? Or to make sure he's not jumping on the baby?? If you've ever experienced this I'd love to know your thoughts. Thanks!

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Maybe try communicating with your cat?

Our cats communicate differently with us than with other animals. They use great number of noises, sounds plus body language to communicate.

Let's take a cat's most common sound "meow" for and instance.

Have you ever noticed how the tone of "meow" changes when they express different states like hunger, anger, curiosity and happiness?

We know from research that cats have a language of their own.
In fact the meows you hear could be one of 20 different sounds they're making, all with slightly different inflections and behavioral responses.

Yes, meow means something.
What does it mean, you ask?
Good question. It's about the same as aloha in Hawaiian. The meaning changes.
Context matters hugely. Is it a mean meow, or a friendly one?
What about the cat's body action? Is he facing towards you, or away? Is the tail curled, or lying flat against the floor?
Depending on these points, "meow" could mean "let's watch a movie together" or "boy am I thirsty right now."
So getting the tone and body language right is critical!

The truth is you and I could understand what our cats are trying to say if we only listened and interpreted.
And both are quite easy to do.

Have you ever wanted to understand your cat? And respond back?

Then the guide described at https://talktomeow.xyz/ will teach you the essentials of cat communication to open your ears (and your heart) into the fascinating world of feline communication, both verbal and nonverbal.

The guide is like the missing link that allows you to bond with your own feline friend as if he was a human child.

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