Westphalian Dachsbracke

Other name: Westphalian Hound

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Life expectancy

The Westphalian Dachsbracke has a life expectancy of between 11 and 13 years




Adult size

Female Between 12 and 15 in
Male Between 12 and 15 in

Adult weight

Female Between 31 and 33 lb
Male Between 31 and 33 lb
Coat colour
Black White Red Sand
Type of coat
Eye colour
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More details about the Westphalian Dachsbracke

Westphalian Dachsbracke: Origins and history

The Westphalian Dachsbracke was first described in 1886. It is thought to have been bred from a crossing of the Swedish scenthound with a dog such as a Dachshund, but such a claim is unverified. It is not a registered pedigree of the UK’s Kennel Club but may appear from time to time in the groups of the lesser scent hounds.

FCI classification of the Westphalian Dachsbracke

  • Group 6 - Scent hounds and related breeds

  • Section 1 : Scent hounds

Training a Westphalian Dachsbracke

To train the Westphalian Dachsbracke requires the owner to deliver consistent and confident training. This is a dog that is easily distracted and quick to boredom.

Westphalian Dachsbracke: Purchase price

We do not have enough data to set an average price for an Westphalian Dachsbracke. You’re also looking at between £120 to £150 per month to care for this dog.

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