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Everything you need to know about the cat feeder!

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Taking care of your cat’s feeding schedule is a top priority! In this article, you will learn some valuable information about the use of the cat feeder.

Do cat parents make mistakes when feeding their cats? Usually, this is the case due to many different factors like lack of information, preparation and/or resources. Nevertheless, in this cat parent guide, you will learn useful things in regards to your pet’s nutrition. Likewise, you will get a list of the best cat feeders in the UK market. This amazing tool can be of great value to any pet parent out there.

Common mistakes when feeding your cat

  1. Too much food: “Probably the most common mistake people make when feeding cats is over-feeding. Obesity is the most common nutritional disease seen in cats”, says Dr Joe Bartges. If your cat is overweight, you should know that this is associated with cat health issues including diabetes, arthritis, and urinary tract disease.

  2. Feeding only dry food: A cat’s sensitivity to thirst is very small when compared to a dog’s. Cats don't voluntarily drink water as you would think. This is due to the fact that cats naturally produce highly concentrated urine. So if the diet is low in liquids, they can get urinary tract problems. “The recommendation is to get them on a water-rich diet,” says Dr Lisa A. Pierson.

  3. Giving your cat little water: Water is vital for cats. It accounts for 60% to 70% of an adult cat’s body weight. Therefore, a serious water deficiency can have critical repercussions for cats. Even though wet foods can be beneficial in meeting your feline friend’s water needs, cats need several sources of fresh water available through the house.

  4. Make your cat vegetarian: According to some vets, this is a serious up-and-coming mistake. Cats are obligate carnivores. They need meat to thrive. This is a source of, for example, the amino acid taurine, only in animal tissue. Just so you know, a lack of taurine can cause heart problems, blindness, and even death.

Top cat feeders in the UK market

To make your life easier, and your cat’s feeding schedule more efficient, you need to get a cat feeder. This tool will help you prevent most of the feeding problems mentioned earlier. There is all sort of cat feeders out there. But fortunately for you, here you have a list of the best 5 cat feeders that you can find in the UK market right now.

WOpet 7L Automatic Cat Feeder

This is considered by many the best cat feeder at the moment. Due to the incredible amount of food it can hold, the reasonable price, the quality of construction, and the excellent reviews, the WOpet 7L Automatic Pet Feeder sticks out among the competition. It is ideal for portion control! For example, it lets you set the precise amount of food ranging from two teaspoons to 4.5 cups at a time. Furthermore, it has a 7-litre storage container for water.

Blessed Family Cat Feeder

This is a very inexpensive low-tech gravity feeder which can make wonders. Blessed Family sells low-cost water and food cat feeder that uses gravity like never before. The water feeder has a 3.8-litre storage tank of water which releases into a small bowl consistently. Additionally, Blessed Family has a gravity-powered food feeder that also drops dry food from a 3.8-litre storage area into a small bowl.

PetSafe Six Meal Automatic Pet Feeder

The PetSafe Six Meal Automatic Pet Feeder is the perfect option when feeding multiple cats. This cat feeder allows you to load up the food wheel with six pre-portioned meals. Thereafter, you can deliver it at whatever point you want to. In fact, you can spread the six portions out over two days.

Homdox Automatic Pet Feeder

The Homdox Automatic cat feeder has a very unique design, yet what is most impressive is the fact that it can do a little bit of everything. It delivers up to four precisely timed meals. Additionally, it has 39 different options to deliver the food. These range from 5 grams of food to 195 grams with each serving. Also, it is easy to use by simply navigating the LCD screen at the front of the appliance.

PetSafe Smart Feeder

PetSafe’s Smart Feeder is a smart cat feeder that allows you to control your cat’s food intake via your smartphone. This is ideal for travellers since they can control the Smart Feeder with their iPhone and Android apps to customize and control the feeding schedule. Additionally, with the app, you can set feeding times, establish portion size, etc. However, it needs constant Wi-Fi to work.

Take this list into consideration and buy the one that fits your needs. Remember that a cat feeder is a very useful tool!

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    I think there are lot of benefits on getting one of these automatic feeders. I've done a lot of research and tend to recommend them for my patients all the time particularly for those households with multiple pets and on special diets. Great post!
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