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How to choose the best cat bed

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Cats can sleep from 16 to 20 hours a day, so they need a comfortable place for their lengthy cat naps. But what cat beds are right for your feline?

Cats can sleep from 16 to 20 hours a day, so they need a comfortable place for their lengthy cat naps. But what cat beds are right for your feline?

As cat naps are an essential part of your feline friend's life, cat beds should be warm and cosy, and somewhere they are happy to be. With so much choice available, from size, material size and even additional features, you are bound to find a cute cat bed that your moggy will love. To give you a helping paw, here's our essential guide to choosing the best cat beds.

Which beds are best for cats? 

As your cat will spend a lot of their time in bed, there are some important things to consider when choosing cat beds.

The bed's size

Whatever style of cat bed you choose, it must be the right size for your feline. Your cat needs to have enough space to move around comfortably. But at the same time, a very large cat bed can feel cavernous and not very cosy. When looking at different cat beds, keep in mind your cat's size and age. While very small cat beds are ideal for kittens, they will likely outgrow it and need a new one before too long.

The material of the bed

You should choose cat beds that are made from a nice comfortable material that they can snuggle in, such as fleece or faux fur. If you know that your cat is allergic to some materials, keep this in mind so you avoid choosing something that could potentially aggravate their allergies.


Cat beds that come with removable covers mean that you can wash the areas in regular contact with your cat. Keeping it clean with regular washing will help reduce any bad odours and the spread of bacteria.


The best cat beds are durable and can survive scratching, kneading or biting. It must also be sturdy and unlikely to collapse or tip over under the cat's weight. This is particularly important if you opt for a window perch cat bed.

Type of habitat

When it comes to choosing the style of cat bed, an igloo cat bed or one that's hooded or has high sides will create an almost cave, den-like atmosphere for your cat to help them feel safe and secure as they nap. Other styles of cat bed to consider include:

  • Radiator cat bed
  • Cat sofa
  • Cat basket
  • Window perches
  • Egg-shaped pods
  • Pads or cushions
  • Cat tree bed


While cats are known to sleep for hours in some rather unusual places, you will want them to have a nice comfortable cat bed. After all, if your cat doesn't think it's comfortable enough for them, they will simply choose to sleep elsewhere, which could be your bed or even the laundry basket.


Some cat beds come with heating systems that can be heated up in a microwave, powered by electricity or will trap your cat's body heat. Cats love somewhere warm to nap, so this could be an ideal optional extra.

Do cats prefer open or closed beds? 

You'll quickly discover that cat beds come in a range of sizes and shapes. Therefore, the first thing you need to think about is your cat's sleeping style. If they are a nester who seems to like to find a secluded spot to curl up, they will probably prefer a bed that offers structure and security such as an enclosed bed like an igloo. Alternatively, if your cat enjoys stretching and sprawling out when it's nap time, especially if you are nearby, they will probably prefer an open cat bed.

Do cats prefer round or square beds? 

Cats generally prefer round beds as it enables them to curl up tightly with the bed effectively hugging them. But that's not to say that they won't sleep in a square bed. After all, many cats are all too happy to take a nap in a cardboard box. 

Where is the best place to put a cat bed?

With cats sleeping twice as much as their owners and kittens even more so, finding the right place for cats beds is also important. Here are our tips for finding the right place to put your cat's bed.

Find their favourite nap spot

The ideal place for your cat's new bed is where they already enjoy napping. It could be in the kitchen corner or perhaps under the bed or by the sofa. Take notice of their favourite place for a cat nap and put the bed there. If your cat doesn't seem keen to curl up in their new bed, spray it with a little catnip or put some cat treats in it to encourage them over to it.

A quiet place

While cats like to be near their humans, if the house is particularly busy or noisy, chances are your cat will prefer somewhere secluded and quiet for a cat nap. Bedrooms are typically a good place for cat beds during the day as they don't tend to get much use during the daytime. Alternatively, try putting it in a quiet corner of your home office or even kitchen so your cat can get some solitude for their afternoon snoozes.

Raise up nap time

Cats often feel more comfortable and secure when they are high up and see the whole room from their perch. That's why cats often like to sit on the tops of bookcases or the arms of your sofa. With this in mind, try putting the cat beds on top of furniture rather than down on the floor. The back of the sofa, top of a chest of drawers or on a windowsill will give them a cosy spot to survey their territory from.

To help you find the right bed for your cat, the trick is to watch their napping habits and choose a cat bed accordingly. If you give your feline friends cat beds that they are happy to sleep in every night (and day), then you know you've made the right choice.

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