Steps to learn how to draw a cat

Learn how to draw a cat

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Learning how to draw a cat is easy with this step by step guide

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Follow our step-by-step guide and learn how to draw a cat so you can create the purrfect pet portrait of your feline friend or turn them into a kitty cartoon.

Learning how to draw a cat is easier than you might think. If you’ve always wanted to know how to draw animals, capture your pet kitty's beauty, brush up on your skills, or just want to give your kids a fun activity to try on a rainy day, follow the steps below to capture a life-like feline on paper.

How do you draw a cat step by step?

Whether you are a complete beginner or already an experienced sketcher, you can learn how to draw a cat in no time with these simple steps. All you need is a pencil (with a rubber) and a piece of paper! Let's get started.

Step 1: Draw circles

Start with a small circle for the cat’s head and two larger circles for the cat's chest and backside.

Step 1: Draw 3 circles ©Wamiz

Step 2: Add the outline

Start drawing the outline of the cat by sketching a line from and around the top circle to and around the bottom circles that form the cat's body. You can start drawing circles for the cat’s feet and tail, and little triangles on the top circle to make the ears.

Step 2 : Start outlining the cat’s body©Wamiz

Step 3: Draw the cat's feet and tail

Add a curving line for the cat's tail, and connect the little circles you made for the feet. Draw a slightly curved line from the top circle to one of the feet to make the cat's front legs. You can start erasing the unnecessary circles. You can also start drawing little tufts of fur on the side of the cat's face.

Step 3: Draw the feet and tail©Wamiz

Step 4: Fill in the details

Add more detail to the cat. For example, for the cat's nose, you could draw a little heart. A realistic cat would also have claws and tufts of fur.

Step 4: Add in a few details©Wamiz

Step 5: Finishing up

Draw the details of the face such as the cat's eyes. For this, you can draw two slightly slanted ovals in the middle of the cat's face. Depending on whether your cat is relaxed or excited, you can make their irises more or less dilated! Add curved lines and mouth. Of course, don't forget the whiskers!

Step 5: Draw details on your cat's face©Wamiz

Step 6: Colours and shading

Now it’s over to you. This step is all about how you want your cat to look. You can work on the cat’s fur using small rapid strokes of your pencil. The more strokes, the fluffier the cat will look. You can also add colour and shading with coloured pencils, pens or paints to make your cat look even more realistic.

If your cat doesn't look amazing on the first try, don't worry! Practice makes perfect! The next drawing you make will be better, and the next one ever better, and so on and so forth...

How do you draw a cute cat?

Now you’ve drawn your cat you can make it look a lot cuter by making the eyes much bigger and even adding in eyelashes. Drawing furry tufts in the ears or a swirly spiral of hair will make your cat look fluffier and add to its cuteness. Meanwhile, sticking a big bow on the cat’s head is a quick and easy way to add some cuteness to your drawing.

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How do you draw a cartoon cat?

Drawing a cartoon cat is great fun and a good way to build your confidence when you are learning how to draw animals. You can give your cat all sorts of expressions and poses. Play around with different combinations of eyes and eyebrows and different mouth shapes to give your cat some character.

How to draw an easy cat

Whether you want to draw a realistic, cute or even cartoon-style cat, learning how to draw a cat is easier than you think. All you need is a pencil, some paper and plenty of creativity and you’ll be creating a pawsome pet portrait in no time.

How do you draw a cat (video)?

If you think a video tutorial would be more clear for you, why not check out this video we made? In just a couple of minutes, you'll learn how to draw a super cute cartoon cat face.

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