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Cat litter and cat poop contain toxins that can be harmful to the environment and to our health if not properly disposed of.

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How to dispose of cat poo in the UK

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If your cat uses a litter tray, do you know where you should put your cat's poop? Read on to find out how to safely and responsibly dispose of your cat's poop.

Disposing of cat poop might be messy and smelly, but it’s a necessary part of having a feline friend. If you're thinking of getting a cat or want to make sure you're a responsible cat parent, it's important to know where you should put your cat's poop from the litter tray.

How to dispose of cat litter?

To properly dispose of cat litter, you must put it in the correct bin. If you use clay and silica litter, you can usually bag it up and put it in your general waste bin. Alternatively, if you use biodegradable litter (made from paper or wood), you can put this in your general or garden waste bin. However, if you put it in your garden waste bin, don’t bag it and remember to remove the cat poop from the litter before putting it in the bin. 

Check your local council’s waste disposal rules for specific instructions in your area. You must always wash your hands thoroughly after handling your cat’s litter tray or poop.

How to dispose of cat poop in an apartment?

If you live in an apartment, you’ll need to dispose of cat poop in much the same way as you would if you lived in a house. However, it’s a good idea to check whether your apartment building has specific policies regarding disposing of pet waste. Some may have guidelines or designated areas for disposing of pet waste.

Scoop out your cat’s poop from the litter box every day and put the waste in a small biodegradable bag or compostable liner. Tie the bag securely and put it in your outside general waste bin if your apartment building allows it. Ensure you are considerate of your neighbours when disposing of your cat’s waste and be careful not to overfill the bin with excessive cat waste to prevent it from smelling and maintain good hygiene. 

How to dispose of cat poop without plastic?

If you are looking for alternative ways to dispose of cat poop without using plastic, the good news is that there are several eco-friendly options. Here are a few examples:

Biodegradable bags

Swap regular plastic bags for biodegradable or compostable bags made from eco-friendly materials like plant fibres or cornstarch. These bags will break down naturally over time, reducing their environmental impact.

Paper alternatives

There are various paper-based alternatives, such as paper bags or newspapers, which can act as effective litter tray liners. When you want to empty the litter tray, wrap the cat waste securely in the paper for disposal.

Flushable cat litter

There is now flushable cat litter on the market, made from natural materials like recycled paper. This eco-friendly cat litter breaks down in water and can be flushed down the toilet. However, you should use flushable cat litter cautiously, and only after checking with your local water authority that you can flush this type of waste in your area.


If you have your own compost pile, you could compost your cat’s poop. However, it should only be used for non-edible plants. You also need to be careful when composting cat poop as it can contain pathogens which could be harmful if not properly composted.

Which bin does cat litter go in: UK?

You should put cat litter in your general waste bin in the UK. It’s a good idea to double bag the waste to minimise any leakage or odour, using small plastic or biodegradable bags. It’s also worth checking with your local council if there are any specific guidelines regarding disposing of cat litter in your area. 

Can I flush cat litter down the toilet?

You should never flush cat litter down the toilet. Cat litter, even ones marketed as flushable cat litter, can block waste pipes. Cat poo can also pose a serious health risk to humans. Some cats carry the harmful Toxoplasmosis gondii parasite, which water treatment plants can’t kill. Therefore, if you flush cat poop, the parasite can easily enter the water supply, which can be dangerous for pregnant women and people with weakened immune systems. Toxoplasmosis gondii could also end up in rivers, affecting fish and the wildlife that eat them.

How to get rid of cat poop outside?

Depending on where your cat has pooped outside, use a scoop or small shovel to collect it. You can then double-bag it and put it in your outside general waste bin. Avoid burying the cat poop outside, as it can contaminate the environment and harm wildlife. 

While it might not be a popular part of being a cat owner, proper disposal of cat poop is essential for maintaining a healthy environment for humans and animals. Whether disposing of cat poop from a littler tray or dealing with it outside, double-bagging the waste and disposing of it in a general waste bin is one of the most reliable and safest options. 

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