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Travel pharmacy for your cat

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Before going on holiday with your cat, you must take some precautions. During a long tip with a cat in the car, you will need to pack your cat’s water bowl, litter tray, cat carrier and make sure his travel vaccinations are up to date.

Before travelling with your cat

If you are worried your cat will not enjoy this long trip in the car and that he might feel ill, it’s important to talk to your vet, as we will be able to give you travel medicines. There are medications that your veterinarian can prescribe for your cat in order to make travelling hassle-free: tranquilizers, in addition to their calming effect, are anti-emetic, that is to say, they prevent nausea and vomiting.

Prepare your travel pharmacy

It is very important for your cat to be safe. Be careful, however, at altitude or during air travel, these tranquilisers may have the opposite effect, and are not suitable for long journeys. For short trips, it is generally recommended to leave the cat on an empty stomach 12 hours.

Sedatives can be bought at the vet or pharmacy. Some of them are homeopathic. They must be given to the cat half an hour before departure, the dose to be administered varies according to the animal’s weight. Note that most airlines impose tranquilising. Always talk to your vet before giving anything to your cat.

Beware of some drugs, it should be pointed out, that are inadvisable in case of major health problems such as epilepsy or respiratory, cardiac and renal diseases.

Emergency First Aid Kit

In case of emergency, injury or illness during your trip, it is best to have a first aid kit to hand. It should contain a rectal thermometer, scissors, cotton, tape, gauze, tape, medications (including antibiotics for bacterial infections, ear drops, anti-inflammatories, and pest control products), hydrogen peroxide, alcohol and iodine solution.

This list may be completed by talking to the veterinarian who, depending on the destination and mode of transport chosen, may prescribe other products.

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